Friday, May 29, 2009

When will this crap stop

It seems our men are so ready to place a blond white woman on a pedestal and give them the world, when you black man are still one of their biggest fears. In almost every false kidnapping or rape story, the purp is described as being "a big black guy"

There are black men still being released from prison today for crimes they didn't commit, but were blamed for. And just this week, we have a new winner.
Bonnie Sweeten (her last name is obviously ill given) says two black men put her and her daughter in the trunk of a car, and said during the false 911 call that she was currently in the trunk!

Now I sat back, and watched these events unfold, watched her being found safe and sound in Disney, watched the news play down the racial factor in her story and say they were just happy she's okay (are you kidding me?), and I wondered... why two BLACK men? Hmmmmm. The bottom line is, we are still an easy scape goat. Easy to point the finger at, and easy to convict for crimes we didn't do, or get the book where our white counterparts would get a slap on the wrist.

Now this Bonnie woman, had police, in the SOUTH, looking for two black men who KIDNAPPED A WHITE MOTHER AND CHILD. My god there were so many of our men in danger, I wanted to keep mine indoors, he's already a suspect, he fit the description, he's a BLACK MAN. This "woman" (I want to say so many other words) NEEDS TO MAKE A PUBLIC APOLOGY TO BLACK MEN. She's probably never had a negative encounter with black men, never been robbed, never been raped, never been harassed, and yet she was so willing to fabricate this story and put the trigger happy police on alert for innocent men.

Would I be writing this if she had said two white men kidnapped her? Hell no, why? Because of history people. We are still making strides, becoming the "first" to do this and that, still establishing ourselves as people and not animals in this country, and we still are the 1st on the list to blame for a crime.