Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Confessions of a Manaholic

Confession#7 I've given out the wrong number 90% of the time.

Why? Because I discovered some years ago when men go out even when they have been 10 years beyond high school, they still treat women like a numbers game. They want to see how many phone numbers they can collect. It's so juvenile and petty, that I've felt no need to give my number to the brother humping me on the dance floor. I can tell when I've really vibed with someone and we will hit it off beyond the club or bar, that's when I get THEIR number. When I say no to the humping brothers, they ask over and over, I even had one say "just give me an email address, something!" I realize a number is like a trophy for the night. So thanks to the rejection hotline, and my ability to make up a believable number on the spot, most men get the wrong digits, they get their ego stroked, but since they weren't planning on calling anyway, I get a drink and I get to dance for the night, no harm done.