Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gay Marriage...Huh?

I didn't really have an opinion about marriage period, let alone gay and lesbian marriage until I was in my sexuality disorder group last night and Cindy, a girl in our group brought up a very big point. She said, "I'm here because I have sex with my dog and I'm trying to get help. But what is the difference with what I'm doing and gay and or lesbian marriage? It is both looked down upon in society and is definitely a major religious factor, but if they get the right to marry the same sex, why can't I marry my dog? It all makes us happy." Now, believe me when I say, "She is completely out of her mind, not only because of her actions but her thought process isn't all there. Or is it?" Is this where society and the human part of nature is headed? We accept same sex marriage under G-d and then what? People marrying their animals or worse men and woman inbreeding? Where does it end?

I don't care about the same sex thing. I've had my girlfriends in the past but what does bother me is the need and push for homosexuality to be accepted by everyone. If we say one thing against gays or lesbians its seen as discrimination? Really? Have you seen the commercial where the girls are saying, "That's so Gay." and then someone says, "yuk that's so Tammy. Do you like it when people say that about you? Stop saying that's so Gay. Its offensive." WTF?

I have a lot of gay, lesbian and bisexual friends and they even have the same views as I. They feel as long as they have the same rights to have a legal contract and able to put their loved ones on their insurance then what else is needed? Why is it a need for us to be forced to accept something we don't want to accept.

The whole beauty pageant thing really didn't bother me either but I must ask this question, "Is this not a free country, where we fought for the right for free speech? What makes this woman's OPINION, and an honest one, so wrong?" Its not like she's saying, "I don't accept those kind of people because they are black or because they are Jews." When homosexuals are gathered up and put in camps and killed by the millions or taken away from their families, put on boats, shipped to a place they are forced to call home and made into slaves, then I can understand their passion behind their fight. I have heard a lot of people compare this fight to the civil rights movement. Again, WTF?

The truth of the mater is, people choose to be homosexual and if they don't and believe they are born that way, that is fine too but you still have the choice to be with the same sex. Blacks don't have a choice not to be black. When we walk into a room we are seen as black. When a homosexual walks into a room they are not seen as a homosexual UNLESS they choose to show it.

Again people...this is only my opinion. You can agree with it or NOT....I honestly don't give a