Sunday, May 3, 2009

BMW OR HONDA CIVIC. Do we sterotype men by there cars?

Picture yourself driving down the street and your stopped at a red light. Two cars pull up, a BMW on the Right and a Honda on the Left. Which one would you probably look at? We see a BMW which is a nice luxurious car and check to see who is driving that bad ass car and, if they are cute. We wouldn't mind going out with a handsome guy who drives a nice car. However, how many of us turn and look to see who's inside a regular Honda Civic? The guy in the Honda could be the guy we've always wanted but since he's driving a Honda Civic not many of us will not take the chance to get to know or see who is driving that car. At that point in time we are not thinking about personality we are thinking about the nice car and maybe the guy has a lot of money.Where as we see the regular Honda which you can get one now for about 1500 or less & what do we think? He don't have no money. So this had me wondering because if a BMW and a Honda were both on the side of me, I would personally look at the BMW before the Honda any day.
Do we stereotype a man by what they drive?