Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Squeeze system

The micro squeeze: These are the people that you hang out with and flirt with but it doesn't go beyond that. Almost like your friends that you have sexual chemistry with but you don't hook up with. The difference is that there is, of course, a stronger potential for that hookup to happen later on. 
The Side Squeeze: These are the people that you go on an occasional date with, AND you usually hookup (Kiss and more innocently fool around with) when you do hang out with them but you don't really have sex or a sexual relationship with them. This is kindof like playing a demo to a really cool game, you get to try out some stuff but you don't get the full benefits until you get the real game. The pro to being a side squeeze is that there is potential to be a main squeeze and you don't have very much responsibility/commitment to the person that you are squeezing. lol. 
Side Squeeze version2.0: I had to create this version because everyone knows that we have needs (strong needs at that) and you may not have a main squeeze to keep your thirst quenched (as torrey/abe would say). If this is the case then you may want to recruit a side squeeze to fill that need. The difference between a side squeeze version2.0 and main squeeze is that the version2.0 is only on occasion (when the need has reached the point of desperation). 
The Main Squeeze: (the equivalent of a FICANTE in Brasil) These are the people that you hang out with a lot and when you do hang out you always hookup! These are also the only person in you life that you are currently having frequent sex with. Main squeezes have status if you're going on a date with a side squeeze but your main squeeze wants to go out, then you cancel on the side squeeze to go out with the main squeeze(because ultimately your having sex with the main squeeze not the side squeeze). You always go home to the main squeeze. Side squeeze should never trample main squeeze turf and main squeezes should alwayz defend their territory (otherwise you're just a version2.0). The main squeeze is good because you still have some freedom to roam around with side squeezes (not version 2.0s u drop those when main squeeze is acquired!). So if your hanging out with your girls and get drunk and someone kisses you in the club you don't have to feel guilty about it.
The Permanent Squeeze: This like your boyfriend/girlfriend but we're now calling it "permanent squeeze." When you become permanently squeezed you drop all other squeezes except for your micro squeezes (flirtin is always ok!). 
> all squeezes must be mutual for the squeeze system to work. You cannot have your main squeeze only consider you a side squeeze....communication is key. Don't be afraid to ask someone to be your main squeeze or tell someone you like them as a side squeeze. 
>YOU MUST EXPLAIN THE SQUEEZE SYSTEM UP FRONT! the entire squeeze system breaks down if you do not tell people you are trying to squeeze the rules you live by up front. Honesty is always key...otherwise your hiding your squeezes and that makes you a dishonest playa and a potential heartbreaker, this makes too much drama for this system. This is a different game here guys...not a mind game but a COMPETITION!!!