Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Has the feminist movement produced ladymen?

Theres an interesting study being done by the Huffington post on why women aren't happy and it all boils down to women's new roles in society. So this brings forth the question, has the feminist movement produced ladymen? Now ladymen is my word, and could be taken as an insult, but basically the study is focusing on how men are no longer providers, and seem to be lost and confused in the work place etc. and I have definitly noticed this. A major shift in the roles of men seems to be having an adverse effect. Men are no longer responsible for the well being of the home that the woman takes care of, the responsibility is shared and now is leaning more on the woman's shoulders. Men are becoming "manny's", stay at home fathers, and taking jobs that were once considered insulting to a man like nurse, or flight attendant, or teachers. Could this great shift in gender roles come back to bite us in the butt? Apparently the effects are already showing in women now, higher stress levels, disappointment, lack of sexual desire towards their partners, and so on.

So heres the question ladies. Should we be the breadwinners? Even though we scream independent woman! i got my own this... i got my own that... why do we get upset when taking care of a man?

read about the study at the huffingtonpost.com

A good book to read

Press Release: Author Opens Taboo dialogue about fatherless homes

Self published author Lavita Stokes has released her first novel about the effects of a fatherless home. The book is a great read and can be purchased through her website at http://www.afatherslovebook.com/

Monday, November 9, 2009

Selling her virginity

Sigh, watching Tyra today and one of the most annoying stories I've watched in a long time. This "virgin" is selling her virginity to the highest bidder. First of all, who would believe she's a virgin? I mean honestly look at her. Now she says her main purpose in doing this is to empower women and show people that women are being discriminated against. She keeps saying she's looking for someone with chemistry and she's not necessarily going to give her virginity to the highest bidder. I don't know, I think she's a prostitute that's getting too much attention. Her plan is to use the money to pay for school. She's a coward that's taking the easy way out. If all women did this we'd all be rich because face it, men ARE going to pay for it, rather it's in cash or dinner and a movie, or a house. So it's up to women to set the price. But my point is this money hungry sorry but ho, is selling something that we only get one chance to give up and I'm angry because I'm torn, there are plenty of virginity horror stories where the woman walks away with nothing more than a five minute burst of confusion. So is this a better way to get rid of your virginity? Is she a ho or a smart business woman. Mind you the highest bidder is now at 3.8 million dollars.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Jon and Kate plus Hate

I don't like talking about this one, but it's been in the forefront to the media for months and at this point is unavoidable. I was watching John Gosselin's latest embarrassing moment when he was sitting next to a Jewish rabbi who apparently is now counseling him. He says he apologizes to Kate and hopes for forgiveness... fine... he then goes on to say it is difficult for a man to be expected to stay home for two years and change diapers and stuff when he expected his wife to do it.

UH WHAT???? What man in his right mind is going to drop 8 kids, and he did drop them because last time I checked they were married and she didn't decide to have children alone, expects his wife to do everything alone? For gods sake it's 8 kids, 8! One is tiring enough. When he said this outof place and chauvinistic remark my jaw dropped. This manchild has 8 children and he's running around like a spoiled rich kid that doesn't have a kid (oops i mean care) in the world. If he wasn't ready for children everyone outside his head is the last to know. Its not like his children were one night stand mistakes, they took planning and thousands of dollars to fertility doctors to have those children, so why is he shocked by the responsibility that follows having a large family? His actions in the media have shocked me and both parents are setting their children up for disaster.

He is a classic example of a deadbeat dad and a good example of how not to be a father. Now I'm sure he loves his children, but if he had half a brain he would know having a large family was going to be a full time and hopefully fulfilling job that he should be thankful to do because they are HIS offspring. I didn't know I'd have to change diapers... what an idiot!