Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good hair? So they SAY they like it natural

Ok, I did a nice little experiment with my hair recently. In light of Chris Rock's new movie (which I'm taking my time to see, might just be a blockbuster night, and I have my reasons for that!) But I digress, for the past six months or so I've been wearing my hair in kinky twist, with some extra hair for length. Loving the look, and the ease for me. I do my own hair, including braiding extensions and braids are more tiresome to do than kinky twist. Last year after perming and cutting my hair to a Rihanna cut after 5 years of natural, I decided I wanted my nice healthy curly hair back (I see why I havent done dreads, I change my damn mind too much), so in a few more years I'll be satisfied, maybe, lol.

I've got a nice fro going on outside the twist, it's actually quite large and seems to draw some unwanted attention when I wear it. I look a bit like Angela Davis with it, and I for certain get treated differently when I wear it out. I never hear the word "sista" as much as when I'm froing it. My best friend is wearing her fro, and I'm seeing them out more and more. My boyfriend says he loves the fro, and prefers it. So a few weeks ago I decided to take out the twist, fro it up for a bit. And I noticed a little shift in his attraction to me. It was weird and I could tell it was because of the fro. I don't want to get into too many details (you can pretty much guess) but after I put my twist back in that attraction seemed to come back. Now ladies, wtf could be going on here? He SAYS he likes it natural, loves the fro, but prefers the twist with extra hair? I haven't mentioned it to him because I can see it is purely subconscious. Are men that love sista's conditioned to say they like certain things, when they really want what everyone else is going after? Most of the women in that movie are avid weave-wearears and perm-getters. Is our hair still taboo? What do you do when the man you're with says one thing, but his subconscious actions speak perm and weave volumes? Ahhhhhhh why is this still an issue????!!!! I just want to shave it all off.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Been a while but I'm back.... with My Traveling Hoe

It has been a while... I have been busy with school and work but now I am back. Yes I am back. & I am officially grown as people say. My birthday was two weeks ago and I am now 21 years old. Being 21 has made me realize a lot of things; 1. I am getting old 2. I need to finish school 3. I still want to have kids before I am 26. I set that age back because at first I didn't want to wait till I was 24. But now I pushing it back to two years. But I am also learning that things don't always happen as planned. Lately I have been talking to much older guys. I now refuse to date anyone under my age, I prefer 24, 25 and up. But it's very interesting because I remember i one of my old posts I had said that I thought older men were more mature and don't necessarily play games. The mature part is true but playing games is worse. Older men are just way better at the game than younger men are. Recently I was at school and I stumbled across a nice looking man. I don't want to put him out their but he was not bad looking he was dark-skinned, clean cut, tall, and had a great smile. So, I meet him at school, he was their doing petitioning for his job I assume, and he asked for my number and I said well I filled out my name and number on the application and if you really want to talk to me give me a ring. Which he did two days later. So on and on we have been talking, he seems like a genuine guy, but something started getting fishy because he was too genuine, you know that saying if it's good to be true than he probably is... Well I have come up with an assumption that he might be secretly married, now don't get me wrong I am not judging, overreacting, but their was something too perfect about this guy to actually be a man. lol I came up with this conclusion just a few weeks ago, he would do little things like call me early in the morning or late at night, Mainly TEXT. Or their was a time which I laugh at whenever I think about it. He had told me he was in his bed laying down relaxing we was talking for a while than their was noise which sounded like someone was getting into the car, but He said that it was his alarm and he would call me right back. Than recently he told me he was renting out a room by a woman who wasn't charging him as much (HINT), I was like okay I guess, so I let him talk more just to hear what else he had to say than he told me that the woman he was staying with let's him use her car. (RED FLAG). I don't know about y'all but to me if a woman is going to let a grown man live with her for cheap rent so to say and let him use her car, he has to be sleeping with her. I mean unless they are play brother play sister, or really good friends. He doesn't even know this woman and kept telling me that she was just being nice. I, personally would never do that just because a lot of men today seem to have this theory that woman are supposed to take care of them like they are still babies. lol I find it very funny. I keep telling myself why do I keep talking to this guy when I know he's a liar, and I'm pretty sure he is married or has a girlfriend or whatever. That's when I came to the conclusion, My handsome crush of a man is unfortunately a traveling hoe. Now what is traveling hoe. A traveling hoe is a man who goes from city to city or state to state, feeds young woman(by the way he's 27) all their bullshit game about being this perfect guy who doesn't do anything wrong into falling for their bullshit lies. Than down the line, he gets whatever he wants; sex, money, whatever and than disappears but still calls you from time to time. What does every else think?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An ex love lost.....

What happens when your ex whom you were fighting to get a divorce from dies?
Today I found out my ex husband has passed away. Technically we were still married but we were in a long process of getting our divorce. He was out of the country and due to our great nation no military person can be served divorce papers while on a mission. We hadn't seen each other since 3 months after our marriage in 2006 but for some reason the pain of this loss is still there. Why?

For years all I thought about was what pain he had put me through at the time of our separation and what a jerk he was but now that he is no longer around or present here in body and mind I see all the good times we had. This is a problem for me. I don't know why I feel this sadness because I can't even get a clear vision of what he looks like in my head. But I can still smell him, I can still feel his touch, and hear his voice telling me "Thats what I was missing." as he grabbed me in his arms after he was away for a few weeks.

I think it was easier to let him go when there was actually someone to let go. I never wanted him to be hurt and I never wanted anything bad to happen to him. Ok maybe a wish of something here and there may have appeared during an angry moment in our seperation but damn!

My point to writing this is to let all of you know to appreciate what you have. You may have someone who isn't doing exactly what you want them to do at that exact time or you may not be talking to someone you were close to for years over something that seemed to be big at the time but has now faded with the thought of "What were we mad about?" and the ill feelings from your pride is still proving to exist. All I can say to this is reach for happiness, reach for the good times that were spent, reach for the love that was felt and call that person and forgive. Look to the one in which whom you thought the love had faded and search for the love you still have for them within and show them.
Now I don't have a chance to call and talk about what happened, now I don't have the pleasure to say I forgive you, please forgive me.
I'm not saying to forget if you were hurt, all I'm saying is....forgive.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A white homecoming queen at a HBCU? Is this a problem

What do you ladies think? Initially I do not think it is an issue, but perhaps historically some of us black people have had class, skin color and education divide us at HBCU's so this may just add fuel to a past fire? ( I did not attend an HBCU so I can't speak on this). Perhaps we can also be racist towards other people, race is not real, however culture and shared experiences do connect us as" black people". So, my big question is I wonder if this a media attempt to make blacks look racist?


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lift as we climb

There is a saying for women that we must life as we what does this mean to us. As women of color are we the worst critics of ourselves? This week I have heard many conversations where women of color attack other women of color for issues such as single motherhood, being the reason why men cheat, being single, economics and the list goes on. When will we learn to heal each other so the next generation can move forward. I sometimes think it is a rat race where we all want to be like the cosby show and if you don't make the cut with education and marriage you are excluded. We will protect some of the ill behaviors of some black man at all costs but leave our own sisters like meat to be devoured. We will blame these black women for the economic, social and political problems we face in America as black people(many new problems of these past 25 years). You are not able to dress up a pig and call it something else, it is still a pig, but maybe we need to start using love, community and change to transform these problems in our community., we need to be women of restoration using the truth to love and to dream....instead we bring out the old whip like the ol masta and further enslave our minds with self hate, self doubt, and uselessness, how can you plant the seeds of new growth without grace and of course with good honesty as well, what happened to true sisterhood? If anything, maybe this lack of sisterhood itself further leaves us excluded and we play into the hands of those with ill will who want to exploit us further by applying these non truths about real life situations.....