Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Has the feminist movement produced ladymen?

Theres an interesting study being done by the Huffington post on why women aren't happy and it all boils down to women's new roles in society. So this brings forth the question, has the feminist movement produced ladymen? Now ladymen is my word, and could be taken as an insult, but basically the study is focusing on how men are no longer providers, and seem to be lost and confused in the work place etc. and I have definitly noticed this. A major shift in the roles of men seems to be having an adverse effect. Men are no longer responsible for the well being of the home that the woman takes care of, the responsibility is shared and now is leaning more on the woman's shoulders. Men are becoming "manny's", stay at home fathers, and taking jobs that were once considered insulting to a man like nurse, or flight attendant, or teachers. Could this great shift in gender roles come back to bite us in the butt? Apparently the effects are already showing in women now, higher stress levels, disappointment, lack of sexual desire towards their partners, and so on.

So heres the question ladies. Should we be the breadwinners? Even though we scream independent woman! i got my own this... i got my own that... why do we get upset when taking care of a man?

read about the study at the huffingtonpost.com