Thursday, December 17, 2009

Treating ourselves this holiday season

The holidays are a great time to love our loved ones. Most of us busy motivated women have to also remember to treat ourselves( buy that latte, do our nails, make sure to rest, and take nice walks etc.)Now treating ourselves does equate to just buying an expensive bag( but do this if you want, I know I might if I can LMBO!). It is just so good to reflect about the year . It is a time to think of the good and also the bad. New year resolutions are not just about losing weight and getting a new job, but it can also mean supporting positive growth in the areas that need it the most in our lives. So, for me, I am making this holiday season about connecting with myself and of course with the things that cannot be bought. ..This can give some us even more strength to be what we already are....beautiful women. Let's make 2010 even more beautiful for us and the things we love.....and make sure to treat ourselves well this holiday season, we all deserve it!