Saturday, May 16, 2009


Expecting is a curse, it seems. I've recently discovered my relationships with friends will probably take a dramatic turn as I build myself up career wise. All my life I've had my mother tell me, 'There are good people, and there are bad people, the bad people will stand by you for years and you won't even know it, watch out child.' I didn't want to heed her warnings, I wanted to believe all people are good. I wanted to believe that if I helped a friend, in my time of need I'd get help back. Family will always be there? Not in my world. So how does a black female discover the realities of life and not have her heart turned to stone? I realized a while ago that because of my skin and gender, I'd have to work 10 times harder to prove myself in everyday life. I realized a while ago this country didn't accept my great-great grand-mother with open arms. I realized sometime ago the village it took to raise a child was pillaged and nearly destroyed, but we can build ourselves up. I realized my acre and my mule weren't going to be given to me (even though it should've been), I had to earn it.

As human beings, we need each other, relying on each other when times are tough, when we need a helping hand, or just for a good laugh. A strong sense of community died when we gained our freedom. We became American Sheep. Fighting each other for a dollar that doesn't exist (how can money not be backed by anything? come on folks) We work over 40 hours a week to make a fake buck, so that we can ignore our kids so that we can buy that house with the white picket fence, so that the bank can take it away. We began getting wrapped up in our suits and ties and walking along Wall Street's glass pavement with spiked shoes on... and here we are. If I give you a helping hand, don't forget to give one back, because after the fake money is gone, after your house is foreclosed, after your savings disappear, after the media hype over the different flu's to cover up what's really going on,there are only people, and we need each other. Every day make it a point to help someone you see without asking, kindness can be contagious. Help your brothers and sisters, support black business, and if you have black business for gods sake be professional! Out of the ashes a village can rise again, and we can regain our sense of community just by lying the ego aside and paying attention to the little details in life that connect all humans.