Friday, May 15, 2009

Is the system destroying up some of our young black males?

Is society setting a lot of these young black men up for failure everywhere they go. A lot of these young men who go to jail for selling drugs or whatever. They do their time, some of them don't look for jobs and go back to doing whatever it was that got them back in the system, Others want to change and not live that street life. But why is it when a lot of these young men get out they can't get hired? There are a lot of places that won't hire you if you do not speak spanish and others won't hire you if you have a misdeamer or a felony. So it had me wonder is the system setting these young men up? I have a good friend whom I've known since high school and has never had a job because of his felony backround and because he got used to making that fast money so to speak. This goes back to why black woman are still single. We want a good man with a job and a car and who is not a ciminal but the system keeps setting these young men back up to where they can't go out and get decent jobs. Black men want to work hard but for good money. I feel the system is setting these young black men up for failure, it seems like no matter where they go they cannot get a job and what makes a strong black man? Of course a strong black woman but we are not going to settle for less and put up with some of these men who continue to live that street life.