Monday, May 11, 2009

Maybe we got it wrong

So today I was randomly going over some pictures, and stumbled across one of me and my (break, not to become an ex). It was taken a few months into our relationship, and I must admit I looked damn good. For about six weeks this photo became the screensaver on his laptop as well as his phone. I was giddy when I saw it because I'd replaced the photos of his niece and Keri Hilson. I was assured that my babe was thinking of me constantly throughout his day. Kudos to me right, beep wrong. On the seventh week our pic was replaced with a 2009 Bentley. At the time i joked about being upstaged by a "bling-ed out ride", but in hindsight I realize something he said that completely flew over my head at the time. He simply stated "I'm nowhere in your phone".
So yes I had him programmed into my cellular, yes he had his own ringtone. But no pictures. None in my phone, none on my Mac, none on my Facebook. Yet here I was cheesing all over his virtual profile, and he unabashedly put me there.
So the question is, do we as women pay attention to the little things our man might be trying to tell us?
It's quite possible that he was hurt by the fact that I didn't have the same consideration for him. This type of sensitivity is something I think we often overlook, mainly because we're too caught up in ourselves. We make sure they know or at least care to learn our likes/dislikes/favorites/peeves.... do we? If you and your significant other played the "newlywed game" would you have a high score?