Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Call the Law

I met a cop today. I met a cop at the liquor store. I went to the liquor store because today I realized that I have to take the MCAT in 4 months. So I walk in the door he approaches me and asks "Is your name Nikki"? I couldn't help but laugh, because at the moment all I could see was that scene from Purple Rain ( Prince humping the stage screaming"Grind,grind,grind.....Nikki).
Anyway, I told him it wasn't still he insisted on checking my ID after the clerk rang up my order. I almost made it back to my car, but he caught up with me. We spent about 15 minutes talking randomly. I tried to keep neutral topics school, work, HIM. Eventually something struck my attention; this cop was about 15 years my senior.
And he still asked me out. Surely the emotional maturity of woman can't be that advanced. I mean i was in kindergarten he was in college. Contrary to popular belief, we 20 somethings are not easier to deal with. We have some life experience, we have some bitterness, we have some insight to life. I admit my counterparts may induce more drama ( a la Jazzmin Sullivan), but ultimately I don't feel age make us better or worse candidates.