Monday, May 4, 2009


Men lie, but woman lie too. I will admit, I did something that was immature with my ex-boyfriend a while ago that I will confess. A few months ago I was in an relationship with my ex-boyfriend for about 6 months. He and I had been getting into it because of his cell phone. He always received text messages from different woman who would constantly call his phone. So one night we had made up and even though we stopped arguing in the back of my head I still felt he was talking to someone else and I wanted to check his phone and I did but his phone automatically locks. What a surprise. So I guessed on the code. I typed in 1,2,3,4. But that didn't work. I would've stopped there but I tried a 2nd time it still did not work. You would've thought I was crazy but I was a very determined woman wanting to know if my boyfriend was cheating. But I thought about it and I left it alone. I figured he knows his code. He should get it. He'll never find out what I did. So later on that night, I got off work and he had called my phone, he was very calm and asked " Did you try to unlock my phone". I replied "No, why would I do that?". So we went back and forth arguing about it. But when it was all over we eventually got his phone unlocked. But I never admitted to him what I did and I never will. It's a Liars Game. A person says a lie like cheating and continuous with that lie as if it is game