Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Endless Possibilities ..

My Native black American friends say, "I can't see how you date white men. I aint never daten no white man. Girl, they can't satisfy me. If I take him home my family would flip. And I can't deal with nothin pink. I can't date and be with nothin that aint black"
I have dated most all nationalities, culture, race, Black, White, Asian, Eastern Indian, American Indian, Canadian, European, Italian, Brazilian, African, Hawaiian, Fijian, Spanish, Arabs, Eskimo, Aborigine, Israeli Jewish, Cuban, Mexican, French, Russian, Egyptian, rich, poor, middle class, royalty, lets just say I have had my variety. We like to say its a known fact that a lot of black men are well endowed. But they are NOT the only nationality, culture or race to be blessed with such greatness. All of the nationalities of the world have their chosen few just as the Native American Black Man, and not ALL of them are "packing something vicious". But, is that what makes any man a great lover, their race, their nationality, or their culture? With all of my experiences and travels, I have to say no. Without substance, communication, trust, intellectual mental stimulation and unconditional love you might as well be alone. All men are the same no matter where they come from. They just come in different colors, different shapes, different sizes and different cultures. But trust me, a man being any nationality, having culture and their race does not make them better than the next. And this includes body parts. As a person we have our "taste" its what draws us to one another, our chemistry, and if we as black women open up we will see. I can't say that you will find something better but you will be opening up your options. Like I said, "All men are the same in all cultures." About four weeks ago I was introduced to a white male in his mid 30's who had four baby mommas. But we don't hear about that because they don't have Aunt Bay and Little Nee Nee spreading all they business in the streets. And the week before that a friend told me her husband cheated on her with the neighbor and she found out he now has a new born baby with this neighbor. They are both Eastern Indian. You don't hear about this because they handle this like adults and not schedule to meet in the front lawn of the house to fight over whose number one. Lets not mention the Italian men. They will take you around their families and have a great big dinner while the wife is at hospital having the baby. Does that sound familiar ladies? I'm sure all of us know someone who knows someone who has done this. But we don't hear about other cultures because their women aren't as passionate as we are with our feelings. We have ancient memories of our loves snatched from us so we want to hold on to what we believe is ours. But, do we really have possession of anything that we have not bought? And then there is my friends Mark and Tameka who have three beautiful children and adore each other and their family. I wish to have that kind of love one day. She is black and he is from Spain. My point to writing this is to express how all men are the same in every aspect of life. You just have to stop looking for a particular race or nationality or culture and start looking for a good man, no matter where he comes from.
Opening yourself up to other possibilities will give you a chance to find "THE ONE" sooner than later.