Sunday, May 10, 2009

A tribute to mothers

I have one, I can't wait to be one, a mother
Unconditional love, an unbreakable bond, the worlds most amazing beginning
Truth and tender sweetness cannot describe this lable
This, intangable grasp for a conntction to another human being you will never share with anyone else, thats your mother.

Even if we fight, disagree, even if we cannot stand to be in the presence of this person, this person is still the first, the last, and the only human you'll ever be so close to. Your mother.

Childbirth pains, and child rearing headaches cannot overshadow the overwhelming feeling they get when they see you shine. Your Mother. She loves you with every fiber of her being, she'd give her life for you and she bought you into this world and she'll threaten to take you out a thousand times, thats your mother.

If its a rocky road, or smooth sailing, a shadow in your memory, or someone you see every day, say happy mothers day to every mother you see.