Thursday, June 4, 2009


I am hopelessly single because for one I am still young and I haven't experienced life. Two I haven't gotten my life fully together yet. Three, young men my age are immature. In my generation you have sex first then get to know a person. How do you know you should wait? You meet a guy, and don't know the guy more than five minutes, and the guy that you just met and had the most interesting and enjoyable conversation with does not want to wait to have sex. So what do you do because he seems like someone you could see yourself with right. No, if a man can not wait till I say I am ready than I am going to let it go. Sex was never a big deal three years ago because I was single not looking for nobody and willing to let go and have fun. Plus, I wasn't the only who felt the same way. A lot of my female friends were the same too. I don't encourage or praise that because your body is golden, your body is a temple and should not just be given to any man. However, in my generation sex comes first than love than a baby and that's it. Allot of these young men make babies and never want to be with the baby's mother. So I'm not sure when marriage comes in because our generation is so screwed up at a young age that we don't even think before anything. Just robots, we just do it. It's whatever.