Friday, June 12, 2009


I only have two friends that I can tell any and everything to. But today I had to think honestly what our problems were. We were always the ones pointing the finger at these so called "WORTHLESS" men who we say do us wrong but in reality maybe were just picking the wrong men. One of my friends constantly calls herself a "BOSS" now what is a BOSS? A boss is someone who doesn't need anybody it could be male or female and who has high expectations, makes demands, and has the best. So basically someone who has their own house, own car, own money but will let someone else hold quality or even keep that certain someone around but has a tendency to "BOSS UP" on that person. However, back to my friend she considers herself a boss and I'm not saying she isn't but she continuous to pick men who take and abuse her. When I mean abuse I don't mean physically but mentally. Now she is a little messed up in the head about relationships and how its supposed to be. Because while she's calling herself a "BOSS", she's taking care this grown A$$ man who have no house, no car, and no money. She puts up with too much from these men as if she is obligated to put up with it. My other friend she wants someone to boss up on her and tell her what to do. But the ones she seems to like are all A$$e$. That talk down to her and make her feel like she beneath them and she should be begging to be with them or wanting them.