Thursday, June 11, 2009

Can I live?

Ok, so I know we already know about the ABW paradigmn ( angry black woman). So, what happens when she becomes HAPPY! I am curious to see if any other women have been through the HBW classical enviromental reactions . What to do with the HAPPY BLACK WOMAN....I remember Mary J Blidge said something like people were glad when she was singing those sad songs but when she found some REAL love, everyone was not to HAPPY about Wow, Well, maybe this takes me back again to some larger issues. When a black women is doing JUST FINE FINE FINE( not to say life is perfect but the sista has accepted the good and let go of the bad) is such a problem, it is almost as though you have to defend yourself for being happy. Seriously, this is why I love me some Oprah... Oprah has taken us to a whole other level... not just because she is a billionaire but because she never looks like she is lost. People try to sue Oprah about some cows, and the sista is still rollin. Even when she is upset, the sista has a cool breeze about it, like I got this! Or even Mrs. Obama, she has that same look, that determination to be herself. I know we get tried so often,but when we are happy, and I mean happy in the sense of contentment......people start throwing rocks... I think we need a new planet called, HBW planet. Does anyone have this experience? it is like twilight do do doo do do dooo :)

P.S. Google "happy black woman" and see all the unhappy articles that come up, is this a mistake....mmmm let me think

Sincerely - Your Neighborhood HBW