Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Generation

Is messed up. No longer are young woman demanding for respect but were excepting it as we get older. Young girls are out there abusing there bodies by having sex with mutiple men in only a few weeks because they are looking for love in all the wrong places. Were not protecting ourselves from HIV and diseases. Were not on birth control anymore and we end up giving up our dreams and goals to raise our children. We let young men kill our spirit and have us walking around feeling like S&*^. Walking around with our heads down instead of them being up. We allow these young men to cheat more than once. It only takes one time, and most of the time they won't stop. Our generation is out of control. I see woman crying and waiting for these young men to change. But in reality however you met him is how he is going to be. I see them complaining and confused about relationships. Not knowing what they want, because when they say what they want, they turn around and get the opposite. & the opposite breaks their walls down and demolishes them. Play games with their feelings. One minute they act like they want us than don't need us. While young woman are still growing and maturing trying to build they're self esteem. We let these young men come along and help bring stress. We loose weight, we loose our hair, and we basically stop caring about our looks. It's hard enough being a woman. But to let them beat us and break us down not phycially but mentally is ludicris. I see young girls thinking it's OK to have babies at sixteen than drop them off at there parents house while they out partying. This weekend I wondered is it really the men or could it just be our generation is messed up?