Monday, April 27, 2009

"The Unofficial Girl"

I am not going to say this is exactly why young woman are single still. But I will say is that we continue to settle and become the "unofficial" girl, rebound, or "the other woman". The "unofficial girl" is when we try to get the to see that were trying to be there main chick and not just someone they share intimacy with. We want to see them exclusively. The "Rebound girl" and "other woman" are pretty much the same thing. We are always put 2nd and we are never going to be the girlfriend nor do we sometimes ask to be the girlfriend. [Woman who are never given a title and continues to stick around while the man that she might like sleeps with other woman.]But he has you because your always there, we give them whatever we want and the relationship never moves forward it just stays the same. A problem with this is that woman actually believe the man is going to eventually leave his long term relationship. & most of the time he is not. Than there are woman out there who don't care and just want to have sex regardless if the man is already committed or not. Instead of giving the woman respect they look at it like this " Its not my fault hes not happy in the relationship...obviously she can't take care of her man otherwise he wouldn't be calling me". Another reason woman choose to be the rebound could be a self-esteem issue. Especially if they don't have a man themselves, woman will mess around with someone Else's man because they feel they can't do better. This leads single woman to be the "unofficial girl", "Rebound girl", & "The other woman".