Monday, April 20, 2009

Huh? I love you?

Last night was another eventful night as I found myself hanging out at the Aroma Coffee and Tea spot in Studio City sitting next to a wonderful successful man from London. Once again I resorted to the Internet in hopes to find someone who can tickle my fancy.

First he asked what kind of tea I wanted and I said, "A Chi Latte." He brought it out with his order of cake, tea, and a jerk chicken wrap. I have been on a 1500 calorie diet because summer is coming up and I have to get this body together so when I saw him with his food I was OK but disappointed that he didn't even offer to, one get me something, or two ask me if I wanted to get myself something. We sat down to him having dinner and me sipping on a Latte. That right there told me he wasn't use to being out with a woman. I don't know if everyone does this but I have men on a point system. They start off as a 10 no matter what they look like or how successful or unsuccessful they are. They could either gain points or lose them. With this action he quickly dropped to a 5. Our conversation went well, we started talking about our experiences on these dating sites and how we ran into people who lied about who they are and even put up pictures that were either of them over 20 years ago, 60 pound lighter or pictures they photo shopped. I made sure to tell him how men assume that I would have sex with them just because I appear to be having a good time. He immediately jumped to the defense of the ladies and said, "I can't believe men would do that. What Wankers they are." This made me feel excited and happy that I finally got someone who understood that I was not out to sleep with a man on the first date and would respect me for it. As our conversation went further and we got a bit more comfy with each other he felt it was OK for him to ask some personal questions. He went from asking me about my son to asking me what is my favorite sexual position and then referred to my lips stating they look like they would look good wrapped around his c%&k. I then became defensive and said, "I don't think that is a proper question to ask someone or a proper comment to make on a first meeting." He then apologized and I went on to talk about something else. He then tried to manipulate me by saying, "You are really uptight. I like you but you make me nervous." I looked at him and gave him a grin and said, "Well I think its time for me to go." He stood up and said he would walk me to my car. I smiled and said fine. As we got to my car he said, "I wish you would loosen up. You seem really direct and uptight." I started my car and waved good bye. He then text me asking if I made it home safe. I text back and said yes and thank you. He then text me back, stating he didn't think we would be a good match. I sent him a message back and said I was thinking the same thing and I wished him well. He then started to text me cursing me, calling me a stupid cunt idiot and a f-ing trollop. All morning he text me these vulgar texts and around 3:19am he wrote: I love that you don't respond. You are a true classy woman. Lets start over. I love you.

The moral to this story is: In some situations the words I love you are just words.

Never assume just because a guy can hold a conversation or because he is a well known producer in his field at the moment, means he is sane. Internet dating is for the brave and adventurous ones. Be careful.