Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is the “Good Educated Black Man” taking advantage of the “Good Educated Black Woman?”

Okay, now a college degree does not mean everything, but as a person of color it helps. On a larger scale, people are people and education goes beyond degrees. However, I think some of these white collar professional black men are WAY too cocky in comparison to blue collar men or the so called “thugs”. I often feel as a woman they know that my situation could be seen as bleak if I ONLY want a black man. I often heard of many of these men saying “well I am not in jail” or “Don’t you know I am educated”. These men use phrases such as this to tell us “Educated Black Women” to bow down and take their orders and indiscretions. I have seen so many of these type of men do Black women wrong. I think we often overlook this because we have the bar set so low for Black women. We should just be happy he is not in jail! I mean do we not all want a man, a “Good” black man. Even more so, we “Good Black Women” often measure each other on our ability to “SNAG” one or “Catch” one. As a woman, it is hard to date or marry someone below your educational level. As a black woman we already have to deal with stereotypes that deem us as emasculating individuals that TEAR down the black man. I have dated men with college degrees or above, they had this attitude that because I have worked hard, I was above the requirement of chivalry. In other words, society has created the environment in which I have chosen to survive and accomplish; African American women have no choice but to do their best because we are unable to solely rely upon a man’s help. I did not choose that, but society has created this environment and this undercover condition for us. I mean a white woman that marries well made a responsible choice and a black woman who wants a good partner is a gold digger? However, when it comes to the male and female black relationship, I often think some “Good Educated Black Men” take this idea and run with it….they feel as though I should chase them or even more so, I should ask for less, and expect the basics, when other women of other races who are less accomplished should get the whole world given to them on their feet? I think this is why we see this so co called “Angry Black Woman” stereotype, she really is not the problem but society’s own admission on how we should just be a mule, a mule to even our own black man, we work hard but should always expect less. Would not anyone be angry when put into that type of cage? We work hard to expect less from black men? Am I wrong to say that some of us “ Educated Black People” are miseducated when it comes to how we should respect the black woman, even more so a black woman who obtained not just degrees but knowledge ? Why should she still be treated like a mule instead of a Queen?