Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Keeping it Real"

I don't like knocking anyone down because I know I am not perfect. "I act like lady and yet I think like a man. " [very good book]. Well it seems to me that I am able to hold better conversations with older men than I can with men my own age. Why? I guess older men are more mature and they know where I am coming from. When I try and have a nice conversation with one of my peers, I find out that the conversation doesn't get too far and becomes quiet. Why? Is it because they are scatter brained and all they are thinking about is what my body would look like if my clothes were off? I can barely keep eye contact, so that means two things one they aren't interested and they are just having a conversation so that i can give them my number or two they hear everything I am saying but are not looking into my eyes because it's too personal and uncomfortable? Another thing that I have noticed is that my peers are not gentlemen. I hear my peers picking up young woman by saying words like "A", "Baby" "Hey" "You over there" "Hey girl". But I hear "excuse me miss" back when I was eighteen when R&B gave them a little bit of pick up lines to young girls. Now, they don't even use pick up they say "A". "What's yo Name". Overreacting? Maybe? Keeping it real... always.