Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Economic dating

Ok, so as we all know dating isn't what it used to be. Partly because most people in this country are trying to pinch a penny any way they can. So how can we as ladies help contribute and understand the though economic times when it comes to dating?

The almighty dollar has fallen gracefully and in its decline many people have felt the effects. Here in Los Angeles and California in general we are seeing a trend called tent cities. The middle class are now living in shanty's on the streets. I personally never thought I'd see something like this in my lifetime. One of the largest effects this economy can have on people is on relationships. As tensions rise and expectations aren't met, men and women are at each others throats. Happily married couples are seeing their foundations sink because they based it on money. So how can dating still be a great adventure without it turning into another causality of the dollar?

I've had this happen and I'm sure you have too. We meet a guy, and then comes the question for the first date. Your wish, a nice dinner for two at a restaurant you've never been to, a trip on a boat to his private island, a helicopter ride to another country for breakfast (ok maybe not that wild, but we want the first date to be memorable) His suggestion, come over to my place for a dvd you've probably seen already and hopefully sex. (well, they don't mention the sex, but ladies, we all know better) We take what we can get, or leave it all together, going to his place, being bored, watching the dvd, feeling the premature moves coming on, and before the second date you've broken up. Whenever I'm asked to come over a new man's home I think, I have a home, I don't want to see yours I want to go out, otherwise I'd just stay where I'm paying rent. Not might sound very teamplayerish but courtship is supposed to involve getting to know each other and doing various activities (at least that's what they do in the movies, and my dreams) If he's really into you and will respect your wish for a real date, but you can help the situation by letting him know its okay to try to save a dollar, don't be afraid to make suggestions as to what you want to do. And don't be afraid to let him know, hey these activities aren't an expensive fancy dinner, they are a way for us to get to know each other. I've suggested to a guy taking me the museum, or to the conservatory. You might suggest a picnic on the beach where you both bring a food item you think the other will love (a little guessing game) or a hike. Make these suggestions then tell him to surprise you, get his wheels turning. Dating has become so mindless there aren't a lot of happy creative stories to share anymore. More than likely he'll appreciate you for going for an alternate date, which will probably turn out to be more fun and adventurous than the dinner and a movie route. And you can save the dvd and the extras for later in your relationship.

The lesson: don't be afraid to make a suggestion. Tell me what you think.