Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can I buy you a drink?

The other day I had the most cliche/cute thing happen to me. A man sent me a drink from the other side of the bar. I felt like a woman in the movies, glamorous and wanted. This man was interested in getting to know me! And he showed it. Grant it at the time he saw me drinking I was taking a sip of my friends cucumber martini, which I really didn't favor the taste and it made me want to vomit a little. But when the bartender bought me over HIS cucumber martini, it suddenly tasted a little sweeter. I asked myself, why is that?Is it because he sent it over just as he saw another man trying to talk to me, as a sort of way of saying 'that's my woman', or is it because it was a free drink and they were about 12 bucks a pop (since money has been tight I now find myself on a one drink minimum, and that's not by choice) I think it's because most women simply want to be wanted. That feeling of being desired from afar is especially exciting. He was watching me, and I now knew it.

Anyway, we talked, and he's a very sweet guy, as he watched me force myself to drink the martini, we made small talk and got into a conversation as best we could in a loud, dark bar. But I knew pretty fast this would never go anywhere. During the dating process I'm sure you've hit the "bar scene", attended a few mixers, dressed to a T, following your girls, hoping to have a drink sent over to you. And when it happens... what next? Have you ever had the man who buys a drink and suddenly you feel like you said your vows? By the end of the night he's going to want you in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant in the morning. By the end of the conversation, we'd resorted to talking about sex, naturally, and even though he knew I have a fella (that's one of the first things that comes out of my mouth, which seems to be a turn on to most men rather than a stopping point) he still had to see if he could get in where he fit in. Even sharing a lewd photo of himself on his phone (I know I know, I asked the same thing, you just happen to have that waiting, in case you met the right d#@k hungry broad? Do all men have a peeper pic on their phone, just in case?) And I thought to myself "woah, how did we get here?" Apparently based on my astrological sign I'm good to go anywhere, any time with anyone (someone forgot to tell me this) The conversation turned so fast, I was blindsided by the peeper pic. The you owe me mentality after buying a drink, or dinner, or a cheeseburger at McDonalds has always baffled me. And the assumption that I'd want to see his ummm, you know, after knowing him for 10 minutes was fasinating. But again, I had accepted his drink, and for about 9 minutes, before he showed me the picture, I felt lik a glamorous movie star, wanted in every way.

Going to the bar can be risky behavior, especially if you're looking for a long term relationship. We've come a long way from the shy 'do you want to dance?' 'would you like to have dinner?' 'go to the park?' days. But remember to keep your cool, and to keep the conversation as far away from sex as possible. And if he refuses not to go that route, kindly walk away, his drink in tow. All I can say is I've come out with an interesting story to tell, although I wish I could wash the vision out of my brain, lol.