Monday, April 20, 2009

All I need in this life of sin...

Life's circles can be amusing sometimes. Living in such a large city, I never realized how small MY world is. I've got a bff, I've known since we were 5, my small family circle, and my group of ride or die girlfriends I'd trust to the fullest (thats a very small number, lol) I'm definitely a Bonnie, but without a Clyde. Not that I'd stand by my man yielding a gun and joining him in an untimely death (I'll stay by your side within reason, lol) But getting to an age where I finally realize maybe I'd like to have someone that's just 'there'. Someone who knows me and cares. I'm a diva housewife, meaning I can hold my own, I hustle and I've taken care of myself, but I treat my man like a king and take care of the household in an instant (if he deserves it) But it seems, as I get older, day by day, my Clyde isn't out there. What do I do? Watching the clock tick I sit at work thinking about my options, my expectations and standards and I start shaving away. Ok, maybe he doesn't have to be college educated... I have a car maybe we can share it. Then I slap myself, what on earth would my mother say? I was taught to know what I want and expect nothing less. I look at what I've accomplished, where I am and where I'd like to be, and I realize I'm not just looking for a man, I'm looking for someone to share my journey. You can't share a journey going east with someone who's going west, so I sit at my desk at work, thinking about my expectations and standards, and I've decided to sick by them, because I realize I'm not asking much when I ask for my Clyde.

If you lie down with dogs, you'll come up with fleas. That saying has never been more true than before I started dating. A woman will mold her entire being around a man. Give him her energy and time, without realizing the feeling isn't mutual. Love yourself, and others will have no choice but to love you back. Expect the best out of everyone in your life, and never settle for less.