Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My love must be a revolving door

So it seems like once in a blue moon (more like several times a year) someone in my past will try to come back in full effect. Now grant it that's how I got into my current relationship, but my god they come back and basically start off mid sentence. It's hilarious. The same thing is happening to my best friend, and she's in a relationship with a jealous man, so this might not turn out to be too hilarious for her. Then I asked myself, why is that? Why do they come back and try again? Why didn't they just make it work from the beginning, instead of me now telling you 'no, I've moved on, I have someone else' three years later we could've been together, and now you bring about the 'what if' questions. I'll give an example of a revolving door love. A guy I had a crush on in high school, a stare at you write hearts around your name crush didn't give me the time of day. Then my sophomore year of college he basically showed up on my door step. I thought we were finally going to get something started, and we did (silly me jumping into the bed before I knew the full story) two days after we hook up he tells me he has a girlfriend (and that's the moment I learned it is apparently our sole responsibility to ask that question or else that information becomes invalid and unrelated to what we are doing between the sheets)So needless to say I always ask first, lesson learned. After he tells me this I stop talking to him and respect his relationship. Now nearly four years later, here we go again. Tracking me down (thanks to social networking) And he's trying to start anew, but my relationship isn't receiving the same respect. I have found myself telling a couple of past friends, lovers, and more, my love isn't a revolving door. I'm sorry, but you missed the boat. I think we so often rush into and out of things, physical or other wise, and we don't stop to think, hey I might want more from this person, or that we are making a mistake. Sorry to say, the last repeat lover has made his way into my life and the revolving door is closed. If you're thinking about trying to rekindle that old flame, take a second and ask yourself why. Why didn't it work in the beginning and in what ways have I grown and changed that would make this time around different and worth his/her time?

I know life is short, but when it comes to your relationship and the person you want to be with, time seems to stop. Think about what you're doing before you attempt to get back in that persons life.