Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The male on/off switch

Is it just me or does it seem like men have the capacity to just “change” their feelings over night? I have had this discussion with my friends several times. How can you be in a relationship with someone, as women are deeply and whole heartedly in love, they (men) say they love us to, we mean the world to them and then the breakup happens and all that “love” just disappears. Its like, not only do they created with this Y chromosome but they also are built with the feeling on/off switch. They are all about you one moment and the next it’s like the relationship never existed. You used to talk to each other in one form or the other everyday for like 2 years. You laugh, cried, argued .. You felt secure in not only their words but their actions. You knew in your heart that you meant the world to them, and they the same to you and then poof.. It’s all over.
You are watching reruns of the lifetime network movies, still in your pj’s from 2 days ago, crying with your girlfriend over bottles and bottles of chardonnay, and trying to desperately figure out what went wrong. They are out with their boys picking up the next soon to be ex girlfriend. Your clutching your pillow at night running your entire relationship through your head while their clutching Lisa, Tianna or Michelle.
Even thought, somewhere in your broken feelings we know the relationship may or even should be over but we still carry those feelings for the ex, where has he some how has “flipped the switch” and embraced his new found world of singldom.
Now, I know .. in this day an age after all we have been through we are stronger, smarter and not so boo hoo over men, but we do have our moments, and wouldn’t it be great to be on equal an equal “feeling” field when it comes to breakups.. You can’t tell me it wouldn’t be great to have one of those switches … can you???