Monday, April 20, 2009

"You already know"

I laugh when I think about this. Because men really tell on themselves and don't even be knowing it. I recently had been talking to someone over the phone. Him and I talked before. Let's say a year ago but I stopped talking to him for whatever reason. Now recently went had been calling each other babe. Now this could mean nothing of course but that was in till he came out and expressed the L word. I told him you do not love me and when we get off this phone you might want to rethink what you just said or you might regret saying it. Because I am no fool. So after that he still kept calling nothing changed too much. However I had called him and was asking about a neighborhood because I was going to be attending a party and I wanted to make sure the area was safe. He knew more about it than I did. I told him I would call him back, but he responded and said I am not going to be able to respond. & I asked How come? He replied and said because I am at a hotel room and I am drinking. When he said a HO-TEL I already knew what that meant but I did not let his foolish ways and immature acts get the best of me so I joked and called him a Hoe. Well he smiled through the phone and said " You already know". Now what do I already know? He than told me he loved me and he would call me later. Um, hello! That was very ah...what do you call it? Stupid. There is no other word for it. He completely told on himself and said I love you when he was done. How is it that men can actually love someone and still sleep with other woman. Why? Because it's just sex, he doesn't love these woman he is sleeping with but he continues to do it and want me to be there in the process. I always tell a guy when I meet them to be real and not play games. But when men have no standards or shame. It's like you can't even get mad because they told you how they are from the beginning and they stay that way in the the end. The question is how many of us will put up with it?