Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Control over Compromise??

Although our child together is almost 2 years old we have only been together, together for 8 months.. I know, kinda backwards but that happens to be how these cards were dealt. We have had several ups and downs.. Truth be told more downs then ups but I get the feeling it’s the sign of future things to come. I believe that there will be arguments in any healthy relationship which is where the need to compromise comes in however; Mighty Mouth believes he is the ruler of this domain and his way is always the right way.. I am older than he is .. 6 years actually so maybe that is where my understanding comes in, through age and experience?? So our latest argument is the idea that I feel he needs to be much more of a hands on father, diaper changes, walks in the park, and just being around when his child wakes up in the morning, he believes money is all power and needs to be made at all cost to secure the future for his children.. Yeah there are more then one… but the absentness of being a “dad” is missing and I see it in our child eyes every time he calls for his daddy…. I have tried to explain to him that personal time is so much more important then the material things money can buy, He has decided that his child will not live “without” enormous amounts of financial wealth and I must accept that this is who he is and what he is going to do.. which has caused this argument to spill over into anger. and resentment.. and now.. non speaking terms.. I have tried to reach out, tried to find a compromise however his obsession with control has caused all communication to be put on hold until further notice..He just stopped calling, no text, no email, and when I reach out I’m sent straight to voice mail like a child sent to the corner.. WTF??? I’m a grown woman..

Why are some men and women so far apart on the idea of what is best for a child, and why do some men feel that money will provide a stable and healthy relationship with their children and on another note why do men feel they need to be more of a Father to their women and not their children??