Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Go Towards The White, Carol Ann

I date a lot. That's something that I didn't do ever in Kansas City. Apparently there just isn't a market for BBW's in Kansas City. However that dilemma was easily remedied with a short drive to St. Louis, Chicago or Dallas. This is how I ended up living in Dallas. Ever hear the saying "everything is bigger in TX?" Let me just say that the men show me plenty of love in TX, especially the white men. I am a firm believer in keeping a full stable of men. Each one of them brings a unique personality into my life. Some men I just date in between checks for a free meal.

Those are usually white guys. I have dated two actual cowboys and turned down dozens. I really like the Marlboro Man style but good heavens! I know that inter racial dating is still a foreign concept to African American or Latino women but it really shouldn't be. I have been on the other side of the fence when it comes to interracial dating. I will admit I was one of those sisters that sneered when I saw a brother out with a white women or a Latina. Then one dateless day I decided I was only hurting myself by refusing to expand my options. Don't get me wrong, I love brothers. I love a professional brother in a business suit with a briefcase. I love a blue collar brother with dirt under his nails and a name tag sewed on to his uniform. I love an "Imma be honest I'm the Weed Man" brother with cornrows and Nikes. I have a thing for brothers.

However, when you are making the decision to date outside your race you should consider some things, like what stereotype (hey some are based in truth) would you like to date? Will you feel comfortable if someone sneers at ya'll at the movies. Sometimes that does happen. Are you willing to be happy no matter what others think including yourself?

When you turn down a date based on some superficial quality you only hurt yourself. You could go from dateless to dating every night if you would only broaden your options. Which option will you choose?

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