Thursday, July 9, 2009


Ok, now I am so not the expert on this because I have never been married before. However, I am at that age where I am taking some better applications now. I notice though that some people that I knew once, became married and kind of morphed into fred and wilma flinstone, or Lucy and Ricky, Ike and Tina, I mean whatever you call it, something happens where I wonder, hey what happened to those folks. Most of all, I become the evil SINGLE person, the person who is so low down, that I do not have a ring on my finger. You better watch out because I will come like a thief in the night to steal all your men!!! HAHAHAHA, I am the single woman. Now, if you go to a dinner party, do not be the only single woman there, better yet WTF do married folks talk about, it is some boring you know what. Sometimes I feel like some married people all share the same talking points, like they are all from the same political campaign! Even more, married folks begin to compare houses, vacations, kids student achievement , jeez louis I am almost scared to step into the world, but maybe I am being ignorant. Now single people, well I am not that either.....single people in Los Angeles most of the time want single sex, break your heart, use you, and then laugh about that shit at a bar ! even more in the single world, we always have to say " hey this is not serious", or " we are just gettign to know each other, but I am not looking for anything special", or are the single people really just rejects? and are the married people rejects who found each other ??? lol lol wow! I feel trapped, neither interested in keep up with the jones, nor being a fisher woman ready to catch in every man I see....anyhow does anyone see this drastic dichotomy? if you do not let me know, what do you think ??? I think if anything what I am trying to say here is that our fast pace world may have destroyed meaningful relationships? or is this just LOS ANGELES? what do you think? maybe the city of Los Angeles is too big!