Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Made like Diamonds

In our lives we may have encountered stereotypes and obstacles, but beyond these circumstances, what has been the source of strength for us? I remember someone told me that our history was not just about oppression but also about resistance and creativity. We have soul and progress running through our veins. Often we hear that it is church, our mothers, and loved ones, but deep down what do we mean by this. Also is there something more occurring when we become the confident accepting women we are in life. I believe in God, but sometimes I think we may use Religion and Churches as a way to escape our problems rather than using it to empower us? So beyond the stereotypical sources of strength is there more working to sustain us and give birth to so many awesome black women. Yes, nothing is perfect, but I have to admit, when I look at my friends I am impressed. I see how we make rocks into diamonds. Just look around, you probably see these diamonds working and shining.

So how did you become the Diamond you are? What are the strengths?