Sunday, July 26, 2009

Can you pass the tea?

Okay, so when watching BlackNAmerica, one segment was about an upscale ball in the mid atlantic region of the US. While I was watching this show, I noticed how uppity this Black Psychiatrist was acting. I said to myself, with some many issues affecting the mental health of individuals in the black community, we sure as heck did not need a uppity psychiatrist to address these issues. Then again, does she even have a responsibility to do so? But my mind became to wonder.... the issues affecting upper class in the BlackNAmerica series was the surprise that money did not equate with acceptance from mainstream society. So the question is, with the Henry Louis Gates Incident, was this also a class issue. In other words, when pookie and them are riding the train in Oakland and get shot, we may not react the same way. I mean pookie should have put his hand up, but Henry Louis Gates Jr, a harvaaaaaaard Professor has different expectations. After the incident Henry Louis Gates Jr. mentioned that if this situation could happened to him, what about the " other folks " in America.

P.S. One more thing, Henry Louis Gates Jr. was married to a white woman and divorced her, to marry another white woman. Just some little F.Y.I., poor President Obama caught up in this mess all last week, mmm, now that I think about it, if he was going to be " The BlackBerry Obama", I wish he would have used his get out an act "black card" another time, because he probably can only do this once!