Saturday, July 25, 2009

Is the Black Man our Precious baby?

Here is my vent. I have been looking around and noticing our stereotypical roles. The black woman creates the problems in our community. The black man is the result of the problem. For example, black women get themselves pregnant and the black man as a result is trapped. Another example, black women are unable to raise children, so our communities are suffering because of single black mothers. This is why black men are in jail.The black woman is expected to do so much more than a black man. I am wondering our the roles reversed here. The black woman has to set the table the black man can choose to eat on. He can chose to marry us, remain married to us, or leave us for a white/asian/latina woman. In the world he deals with racism, but he still can be seen as some sexual god that all woman want. If he is successful, great, he now is a successful black man, he is still a threat, but a successful black woman will deal in a comparable position will deal with much more period. He might be seen as an animal to the media at times, but deep down there is some freaky fascination with him, that at times he can use to his advantage, like or not. He can carve a place for himself in white America as the super smart guy, the diddy mogul or the great sports player.Whereas the black woman, even to our own families and communities remains a silenced target. Black men openly talk about how horrible we are to other races. Black men in high profile positions are not really married to black women. I have also had so many women tell me ( non-black women), why black men do not want to be with us. Can you believe that, other groups tell me why I do not have a man, lol, okay back to the topic though, so as much a we want to support the black man, have we as black women done enough? we have held up so much during slavery? we were there f0r him after slavery until civil rights? Maybe we need to ween him off our breast, because we are killing ourselves trying to feed this BLACK PRECIOUS BABY.When will we stop being the target and most of all maybe it is time for the black man to start protecting us like he is suppose to? To be a black woman in America is like a target, like or not, this is how it is, and it is time that we start within our community to demand respect. A couple years back, a group of ladies at Spelman College protested Nelly for showing black women in a sexist and oversexualized manner. At the time, I kind of blew it off, I said to myself that "those ladies" wanted to look like that so this is not my problem. However, now that I am older, I see the power of images.Yes, we can't control everything in the media, it is a free country, but maybe like those Spelman girls, it is time for us to openly point out people who try to defame us, disrespect us, and tell society who we are whenever possible. Jewish people do it all the time, you say something about Jews in the media and your but is theirs. I kind of like that mentality. We need that mentality too, all of us beautiful black women need to graciously say, " he this is not us, no thanks" and do this with a smile and like the queens we are. In this wanna be, but not really post racial America, we have to keep pressuring our own men to stop the BS and lift up our black men that are supporting us. I told a coworker one day how hard it is for a black woman to find a black man, guess what she told me, she said back in the day, black women were not having that and black men were put in their place. However,now a black man can always run away into the wonderful arms of mainstream post civil rights America that will say, it was okay to treat that black woman like shit, she was nothing anyways. Even our own families will not pressure a black man to raise up. Black women are held 100%, not 50 % for broken families and relationships, and at times the black man gets off scotch free. In other words, society will note the lack of black men in our community, but the REASON will be because of that BLACK WOMAN. The black women that was so "loud" and "angry". We need to have our own community detox of the BS when it comes to our treatment. I have a feeling so many black women are thinking, what can I do better? Honey, most of us have done enough, we really have...Now it is time to put the mirror back onto society, and say hey, you be the target now. ....sorry I had to put the black man in the ringer for a second, so if any fellas reading this, I am not attacking the black man, I am attacking the roles that exist, I want to be honest on this blog so if anyone disagrees please put your reply in. We need to make sense of some serious issues here, so the feedback will only shed more light. I am curious to see what you all think. Is the Black Man our Precious Baby that we feed day to day? Or better yet, society makes us accountable for his mess. This action only further takes away him manhood, and our womanhood.

P.S. Clean it up, Clean it Up!