Thursday, July 23, 2009

America's new Surgeon General is too fat?

So, our weight has been issue, I will not pretend, for many women of color this is a HUGE problem. However, we have to realize that we are not white women. We have different bodies. If American society is expecting us to be like Kate Moss, she can keep waiting ( notice I said she). Anyways, I do understand that many women of color also face different stresses, some us may also be more likely to be working twice as hard so we are unable to go to the gym every damn day. Bottom line, yes soul food will make you fat, and we need to walk more, but EVERYONE IN AMERICA needs to stay healthy. When looking at our new surgeon general, I see a regular size woman, yeah she is not slim and trim like a model, but I do not think she is OBESE! Notice how the author said " FAT BLACK WOMAN". Also, notice how the author looks himself. Anyone want to send some complaint letters? Furthermore, statements such as this should be condsidered slander. Even more, if we want to talk about ethics, a curvy black woman is not the problem. The real problem are all the damn doctors who do not want to serve people her shade! Thank you very much.