Sunday, August 2, 2009

A History of Black Home Ownership in Urban Areas

This discusses historically some of the issues concerning African American home ownership. I think some of the problems we face today are rooted in this inequality of access to financial institutions. As African American women we have to work twice as harder(or ten times), sometimes we are the only head of household, or for whatever reason looking for our mates, and this issue seems to cripple us even more than other groups. I now realize how I must learn about this green stuff called money in America. We are talking about the Gates issue this past week, but issues such as health care reform and owning property are specific ways problems become larger for us as African American women. Well when it comes to owning property and investments I have a long way to go, but looking at the history and current problems more accurately can help me overcome some of these conditions in the near future. I myself plan to own a piece of America too. I plan to teach my daughter as much as possible about how certain things were set up, and how she can bypass these issues with good planning.....

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