Saturday, August 22, 2009

Could OCTOMOM be black?

Could we see a black Ocotomama? There are so many planned parenthood stations everywhere in urban and rural areas where many low income black communities are located. Often as a community I think we see children as being bad rather than the black men who leave these babies as the real culprits. If you married a man, loved him, dated him, or better yet slept with him, you probably thought you two had some type of future. Today still , black women are treated 3/5 human. In other words a white woman getting knocked up has a better chance of marrying the father of the child or remarrying a way better guy. Let us be real, whether you are a supermodel or a plain jane you have a better chance of having a really good stepdad if you are a white woman. In comparison, a sista with just one child that looks beautiful as ever( and of course we look great in all shapes and shades ) may never even have a chance? Better yet, this black sista with one child or even more will be marked with the Scarlett letter from her own black sista's and black men, and even more the non black mainstream America. This is what we mean that the black woman is only 3/5 human still in our society. She is unable to chose the path of being treated like most women are, she is unable to be treated like a gem, this is not seen as natural.So, as I look at Octomom, I wonder what would have happened if she was black? The idea of bringing 8 black babies in the world is real scary? I honestly believe the black family has been a target for decades. Our men have been brainwashed to hate us and thus hate himself. The black woman has also been scared to reproduce. Our children are seen as problems unless we are rich or upper middle class. A white single woman can have eight babies and no one will say she is a welfare queen, but a black mother going to a community college in need of a little public assistance is a demon?'Most of all black babies are the future of black America, and maybe we view them different within the context mainstream culture? I believe to a certain extent we are castrating the black woman symbolically to not produce a new generation( of course having kids does not make us, it is a choice ). Nonetheless,the seeds of self hate are not as visible like decades before, it is hard to push a button on it, but it begins with the defamation of our image in the media, our communities, in music, in politics, in economics. All of these things work to ensure we are handicapped as women and thus as mothers. Those who want to rise above these obstacles have to work ten times as harder than other women in our society. The mental stress we get from this situation can be annoying , especially when this stress is invisible to other groups of people and our own people.
So, when we see a black woman with a baby versus a white woman what comes to your mind first? There are recent reports today that a woman if GIVING BIRTH TO 12 BABIES?