Saturday, August 15, 2009

Late night free thought

Alrighty, so I was thinking, as Black Women are we punished or reprimanded for being independent. I am not talking about being mean or cruel. I am saying that we as women of color have no choice to just get what we want out of life. There is no silver spoon in our mouths. Even if your parents have some " money" you have to be educated and/or accomplished. There is more pressure on us to work more regardless of socioeconomic status. Guess what, for a black women to even get welfare she has to do more than a non black person, lol, I know this sounds funny but it is true. So this watchdog that is on us, how do we cope. As much as I pray etc, I live with this sense of will society and my enviroment allow me to just be me. We are either seen as empty headed women shaking our butts, or angry women without reason. As I go to bed tonight, I once again must affirm, hey I am fine, I am doing my best, this is a problem in society. As much as we look beautiful, learn so much, enjoy so much, at the end of the day, the message of treating black women better has to become NOT OUR PROBLEM. The only problem we now face is to communicate this message to young women in our lives. I now see that having a Black President may get us too comfortable. Last night I was watching a movie on the Black Panthers, I thought of so many that died the past 400 years, and I said to myself, have we lost something. A while back Bill Cosby had a rant about the " black community", I look around sometimes and wonder is he right? Are we forced as people of color to stripe away are blackness whenever possible ? The very thing we need we give away. I see our history and culture like a home, a place we must come to when we encounter the obstacles in mainstream America. Even though we have Barack Obama, we must remember he had to outperform his competitors by a landslide. He also realized he needed the support of the African American community, so he went to Chicago and was active in a Black Church. He has always been an activist for human beings period, but he knew he had to be apart of a black community as well. So is this our gift and curse? We as black women are robbed of our femininity to some extent, we are forced to defend ourselves most of the time, we can either become angry or bitter, or we can be the butterfly that goes into the sky into what we want to be? the big question here is if we are able to land, able to rest, in our own country, our own cities, and our own communities?