Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Do I need to be married to have a baby?

This is an age old society debate. Does a woman need to be married to raise a well rounded child that grows up to be a help not a hinderance to society? As I watch the women around me get older, focusing on careers, noone is anywhere near the isle. And with such slim pickings for a partner, it's no wonder women are starting to have babies and raise them on their own, on purpose. Who says a child in a two parent home is better off? There are plenty of screwed up people that have a mother and father present. I just finished watching a special on the octomom, and while I really don't agree with anything she's done, or how she is, I do support her choice to be a single mother. The biggest issue wasn't that she had 14 kids, its that she had them out of wedlock. So what is she supposed to do? Add a man to the mix and flood her life with yet another person that is child like? She's better off with the nannies and herself, I believe. If I were to get to a point, and find myself not on the path to a white gown, I don't believe my choice for motherhood should be jeoperdized.