Monday, August 31, 2009


What ever happened to the guy asking you out and than picking you up, getting something to eat and than maybe a movie after words. It seems that in my generation. This does not exist. I can't say for all but its rare to find a guy to take you out and expect you not to pay for the meal. I try and stay as humble as possible so that I shy away from the negative aspects of dating and look at the positive. Ladies we know what we want we want to be wined and dined. We want to feel good and treated like we are special. I'm about to b 21 in two months and no I haven't given up on black men, but I am starting to talk to older men when I say I older I mean 25 and up because it just seems to me I can barely talk to someone who is my age. Why because a lot of the young men don't have much sense, their immature, and most importantly they don't have their $H%T together. It seems like everyone wants to be a player still and as for me, I guess I should be that way because I'm very young but I've done that and it gets old. Real old. So going to start trying this dating thing out for a change with men 25 and up I want to see differences