Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let's Stay Together

Now, I do not know any of these people. But they bring up two interesting topics. The first topic is going to your ex husbands birthday party. Apparently Mashonda went to a bday for Swiss ( Alicia Keys threw for him). I think in my mind that when our parents back in the day stayed together for the kids, it makes sense. When you are trying to raise a family it is so hard to separate everything. I know this is the reality and this is were we are as a society. I am not saying it is wrong automatically or right but it makes me wonder. The grass looks greener but maybe folks need to stay in their own backyard. Now of course if your partner is abusive then you can't make it work. If a person does not want to love you and this person is mean I understand why you want to leave. But all marriages have problems? This is why the marriage oath says until death do you part. Now for Alicia, she has to look over her back all the time because this man left his wife and young baby for you. But once again I do not know the situation, I like Alicia as an artist but maybe sometimes we need to let a person cool off before we date them. If you met someone who was recently married or is still married, let them cool off a sec....
Now for Nas and Kelis, they separated this year. New reports are claiming they may be back together. Now I do not know what occurred in private but both individuals did not jump into relationships so quickly?
So do you think a person needs to wait before dating someone who is divorced? also how long? most of all based on the situation of black marriages should we maybe think more before we marry and can we afford the divorce route in our African American communities?