Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Are we expected to be abused?

I am not talking to our wonderful black males that love and respect women. I do think that the emotional and physical abuse of black women is expected. I also think when black women get into a relationship we have to lower ourselves more than other women in order to keep our man. Once again I am not talking about women with good black men. I am speaking to an overall trend. I wonder if black women are abused more than other groups? now of course all women face gender issues! This is no joke. But here in America, I think black women either are abused by staying with a black man that does not value her, or she has to do live with the idea of being alone. Let us do a quick survey, based on other non black women, how many are married right now? Also, let us compare stories, we all have stories we heard from friends. How many of these non black women had to put up with the same bullshit.