Monday, September 21, 2009

Breaking up is hard to do... on Facebook

To piggy back off the posting about facebook... social networking and dating really does add another dimension to an already complicated life situation.

Facebook in particular has captured the downtime of millions of adults and in a sense has created a generation of cyber stalkers. People will sit for hours looking at others photos, I always imagine them in dark rooms sitting in their underwear.

Breaking up now also involves an online profile that ties you to that person, and once you go from being in a relationship to being single... look out! You'll get sympothy postings, comments, and depending on the situation perhaps a nasty note from the other parties friends.

Take this stuff with a grain of salt and remember to keep some things to yourself. We invite others into our world, but we need to remember that we have control of what people see on our virtural profiles. Sometimes its best to keep relationship information private instead of Facebooked.