Sunday, September 27, 2009

Date Help101

Ok, so 6'10 brother could not drive halfway to meet up for the first date. Better yet, he lived like 20 miles away sort of, or maybe 15. What is really good? I have a feeling if If was white or Latina, or Asian or anything not black he would have drove from here to the moon. Even more, in three weeks I would have a wedding like some women. The reality is this, many black men do not respect black women. Yes, there are good brothas out there no doubt, we LOVE YOU FELLAS!!! thanks for loving us, but we do have many punk brothas throwing trash at us. This was the first time, the first date and this brotha wanted me to drive where he lived....... in the words of Marvin Gaye, what is going on? Am I doing too much to ask him to meet up half way? I guess small men come in big

Nonetheless, I deleted this man's number who is working on his M.B.A. , because even in this desert called LALA land, I will not make sand into water......I am not asking for much, just respect as a woman, but something about my color makes this so much harder compared to other women in America.

Is there a sign on my head saying "give me trash"? But on a positive note sista's keep our heads up to the sky, we are queens, and we can't give up our thrown. All of us work so hard in this American society, we are just looking for some comfort and respect. The media may tell us to have ourselves, and even our own men may believe the lies, but God is real. WE ARE BEAUTIFUL! It is time to stand by our standards of not perfection, but respect, comfort and care, WE DESERVE THIS!