Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"That is all we is"

*sigh.......I wonder what Dr. King would think of the statements made by Cornel West , Tavis Smiley and Micheal Dyson.....we can agree that we need effective policies and we as citizens have the right/freedom to advocate for them but to insult a leader for not being black seems like crabs in a barrel syndrome..... with many young black boys in tough communities seeing crime as the only way out, should top " African American Leaders/Scholars be petty and knock the President for not being black instead of having engaging discussions about solutions for everyday Americans? We have to be critical of all leaders, this is a democracy but I am surprised by the words of such a top historian him of all people should know the position of the President. We can change race relations and gender inequality by making these issues important to those who intentionally or unintentionally support the beliefs and actions of inequality. But at the end of the day I guess we all have to be that " ol' colored girl and ol' colored boy " to the few and those with are same color, "that is all we is....."

On another note, are some black male leaders having a little Penis Envy? As women of color we have also been shut out of many discussions regarding our communities....many of us have been victims of our own black men, so when will one of these top African American leaders address these issues instead of going in on the President not being black enough. All things aside, we should always question leaders....but are some people using the black community for their own personal gain?