Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Are Black Women not suppose to date?

I am always curious about the black images of women. I sometimes see open racism and sexism geared towards many black media figures whether it is Michelle Obama or Rhianna. I noticed on other blog sites the comments that Rhianna is a whore or slut. Now, we are the public we never know what is happening behind closed doors. However, unlike other celebs that never truly date or go out with handsome men, I think Rhianna is getting a slap in the face for being a black woman taking control of her dating life. I had a conversation with a good friend who suggested I do the same thing. We talked about expanding our horizons as black women when it comes to interracial dating and online dating. So as I read some of these mainstream gossip blogs and other sites, I realized how black women are slapped for getting outside the box of being alone and helpless. I have seen many beautiful and talented white female stars have a fine ass boyfriend and switch him when needed. As women are we sluts for playing the field. Now of course there is a limit to what I mean by playing the field. But it is a sad situation to just wait for prince charming. We are just being picked rather than becoming active agents who will FIND what is TRULY good for them overall. Think about it, a man looks at you and says I like her, she fits my standards. We then say awwww I love him because he loves me. Well, what about going after what we want too. We do want a man that will chase us as well, but we also want to be active participators . Anyhow, after rethinking the Rhianna and Chris Brown incident, there is nothing she could have said that warranted getting your face mashed up! I am glad she moved on and found a fine man, hopefully they enjoy each other. As for us, I think we need to always remember that some bad social norms are perpetuating us to be alone, to be passive and to be retainers of bullshit. Black women like us will have to think outside the box and stop letting the good girl image/ I am too good image let us lose opportunities to not be alone. Most of all, we need to step outside the box to not just have fun but find long lasting love too. Who the hell cares what your mama says, your friends and anyone else, we have to find our own happiness.......As Rhianna looks back in her 40's she will probably think she kept it moving, we can't let our lives slip people either being broken hearted or only looking for love in the wrong places.....find the right places and let's GO!