Friday, July 23, 2010

Single and ready to..... commit

What do you do when you've come to the point in your life where you're ready to take the next step but theres noone to take it with? Finding that special someone is truly an adventure, and I am finding more and more women who believe in their heart of hearts that there really isn't a "soul mate" out there for them. So going into this experience called dating I must begin to look within myself and ask, what is the point? When I meet a man should I be going straight for the throat and considering love and marriage and house and carriage, or should I put away the hunting gear and play it cool having the attitude of "what will be will be"

Growing up I was taught that if you want something you need to go after it. I ask you, do you think that also applies to love? So what if "what will be will be" never happens? What if my laid back attitude puts me off from falling in love because theres no effort on my part.

As a child many women dream of having their prince charming come in and sweep them off their feet, statistically for over 40% of black women this will never happen. And so I enter this dating experience confused, but open to saying "what I WANT to be will be"