Friday, July 23, 2010

Dating With Children

I have a friend that's decided to consider dating a man with children. This got me thinking about the dynamics and differences between men and women and how we get to certain points in our lives. This friend swore by not dating men with children, so what made her change her mind? Women in general are usually more open to going into a dating situation with a man thats already a father. In the black community, if a male is a loving father then it shows us that theres the possibility of having a loving father for our children in the future (if we're thinking about that) Dating a man thats a loving father is a plus, and even a turn on for women. Men, after asking several seem to simply accept the fact that the woman he wants to be with has a child, he might learn to grow and care for the child, but he isn't looking at her as a loving mother that might mother his future children. I think if more women in our community only accepted dating fathers that were loving, caring, and there for there children, it might prevent the dooming "serial father" You know the men that have children by more than one (sometimes as many as 5 or more) women. Basically if you've never seen a serial father turn on Maury.

Being open to having a family thats already started might put you, ladies, into a different dating pool that you might find pleasing. Of course be aware as to why his previous relationship ended, I can't stress enough how important it is to have mothers and fathers TRY to work things out for the sake of family. But, if you can accept the reason he's not with the mother of his child, and he's showing he can be a good man by caring for his child or children, then why not date him?